Paco's favorite pictures
This link shows my favorite photos.... Enjoy!
African Art - Atlanta Airport Joshua Tree, CA - Sunset
Joshua Tree, CA - A paradise for climbers, hikers and dreamers
This shot is from an exhibition at Atlanta Airport - If you go there make sure you walk between Terminals A and B and enjoy these great examples of African Art
Stone Mountain Monument
17 mile drive - Famous view
Symbol for Atlanta and the South - Stone Mountain Monument
17 mile drive near Monterey, CA - Something to watch the waves, dream and relaxe
Acadia National Park
Maine - Wild land in the North East
A wonderful landscape - Southcape of Corsica, Bonifacio
Nürnberg, Germany  - Our backyard
Big Sur, CA - Ocean View
One of my dreams came true in 2007 - walking along the Chinese Wall on a clear October morning - It was great!